If you suspect someone is in a bad place and in imminent danger of harming themselves or others, please contact emergency services on “000” and let the operator know what is going on.

If one of your friends or family is displaying the symptoms of depression, then it is time to initiate a conversation.

For most men this will be super weird and uncomfortable, but is a simple step that can prevent someone from taking their own life.

Men are programmed to bottle things up, man up and get on with it. This can be disasterous not only for them but also for the people around them. Having someone reach out and ask if they are ok maybe all that is needed to get them back on track.

Remember you cannot “cure” someone’s depression or anxiety, but you can be there to listen and to let them unload which is an important first step.

Having the guts to reach out to a friend that clearly needs help and initiating that weird conversation is something you need to do to potentially save their life and get them on the road to better mental health.

Just checking in with them, asking if they are ok is sometimes all it takes to break down the barriers. This simple start can help them know that they are not alone and that they are connected to someone who cares.

Blokes often prefer a side-by-side chat as opposed to face-to-face, which makes car journeys the perfect environment to initiate this type of conversation. Make an excuse to pick up someone you think is having problems and while you have a captive audience pop the “Are you ok” question.

In most instances a bit of professional help will go along way. There are lots of professional available to provide support via phone or web chat. You’ll find a list of these on our :

Local Contacts

As mentioned at the top of this page, if things are looking really bad 

Call their doctor, a mental health crisis service, or emergency services 000

For further advice : Lifeline 13 11 14

Suicide Call Back Service ; 1300 659 467